9 Warning Signs That Your Furnace Is About to Fail

9 Warning Signs That Your Furnace Is About to Fail

Furnaces play an important role in our daily lives, especially during extremely cold weather. However, if the furnace requires frequent repairs, our furnace repair experts in Chico suggest replacing the furnace system soon.

9 Signs That Indicate You Need to Call the Furnace Replacement Service Soon.

Here are some signs that the furnace system will display before its final breakdown:

  • Old Age: It is best to start preparing for the replacement service after it completes a decade in your house. After working for ten years, maintenance service will maintain the performance, but it is hard to avoid repair issues.
    According to our HVAC contractor in Paradise, CA, you can save on the installation process if you replace a working furnace system in good quality.
  • High Electricity Bills: Comparing the electricity bills of the previous year and the current year will help recognize if your furnace system needs help. A malfunctioning component draws more energy to operate efficiently and keep up with the output. However, it can affect the furnace’s functioning and lead to frequent fuse trips down.
  • Orange Or Yellow Pilot Light: A pilot light flame should be blue, and it is an alarming sign if it is yellow or orange. It is a sign that the gas is not completely burning, and it can increase the levels of carbon monoxide in your residence.
  • Loud And Strange Noises: You know it is time to replace the furnace system when your furnace operates and produces loud noises that disturb the environment. However, you should contact the furnace repair technician in Chico if you hear banging, clicking, hissing, or popping noise.
  • Cold Spots In Your Residence: Cold spots in your residence can be due to airflow issues. Dents in the duct joints or poor insulation can cause the air to escape to the outdoor unit. It indicates that the furnace system is too exhausted to deliver warm air to different corners of your house.
  • Poor Air Quality: HVAC systems are responsible for air movement from your residence to the outdoor environment. However, an inefficient furnace system can affect air quality. An imbalance in humidity levels can trigger skin and eye allergies.
  • Frequent Repairs: According to our repair experts for heating and air in Chico, CA, it is better to replace the furnace system rather than spend money on minor repairs. If the repair service costs around 50% of the installation service, it is better to go with the latter.
  • Continuously Running: Call the technician if you can hear the blower running continuously. It could be a sign that the heat exchanger in your unit is damaged.
  • Inefficient of Warming Up the Residence: After working continuously for several years, the heating system may be exhausted to deliver the same quality service as it used to in the beginning. If you find that maintenance service is inefficient in enhancing the furnace system functioning, you should replace the unit to maintain comfort and peace in your home.


The replacement signs are beneficial because you can prepare for the replacement service in advance. You can look for the new furnace system you want to install and get the best deals on the desired unit during off-season sales. If your furnace system displays all the replacement signs, call one of the best heating and air companies in Chico, CA, i.e., Feather River Aire, in your locality, to schedule a home estimate service.

Home estimate service will help you find the perfect furnace model and size according to your house structure. Moreover, you can get the best deals on HVAC units throughout the year! Call (530) 207-8695 and book a service today!

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