AC Repair Chico, Oroville, Gridley, Paradise, Live Oak, CA, And The Surrounding Areas

The summer season has marked its presence, and California is known for its warm breezes and humidity throughout the year, especially now. This calls for the need for an efficient air conditioner at your workplace or residence. Without a well-functioning AC, it is impossible to bear the temperature in the air, especially when you are inside your residence or office.

We understand how expensive air conditioning systems are, and it can be very inconvenient when your AC gives up on you during the summer. At Feather River, we have dedicated HVAC experts who are well versed in every make and model of air conditioners. We’ll have your air conditioner fixed, no matter what the problem is.

Let Us Know When You Need Chico Air Conditioning Repair

AC Repair In Oroville, Gridley, Chico, Paradise, Yuba City, Live Oak, CA , And The Surrounding AreasIf you own an air conditioner, you know that sooner or later, it’s going to break down. Even though maintenance and tune-ups will keep your system running for longer periods of time without issues, you will eventually have an issue that will require AC repair in Oroville, Gridley, Chico, Paradise, Live Oak, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Air conditioners are mechanical systems, and because of this, they develop problems the more that they are used. But have no fear! When you need repairs, Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling has the tools and resources to find a quick fix for you and your air conditioner.

Why You May Require AC Repair Services

Although you can follow some basic steps at home to maintain your air conditioner and ensure its functioning, there are times when just cleaning the filters or the vents won’t target the actual issue. This is where we fit in. Those complex cases of internal default can be handled with perfection by our technicians.

For one, your air conditioner may not start due to a problem with the electrical wiring or overheating. Another issue you may face is that your AC won’t cool the air, and if it does, it is unsatisfactory. You may have a faulty fan motor, compressor, or your outdoor unit may be blocked by debris. Air cooling may also be affected by leaky ducts.

Another reason to choose our services is the occurrence of dripping water and strange noises from your air conditioner. Noises like screeching, banging, etc., are a cause for concern, and you should call us immediately if you encounter them.

When we get a call for AC repair in Chico, CA, our technicians make sure to undergo a thorough inspection and find the problem quickly. With their expertise and latest tools, they make sure every component in the AC is intact in a matter of a few hours.

Emergency AC Repairs When You Need Them

At Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling, we know that not every repair you need can wait. In some instances, you need urgent Chico Air Conditioning Repair or AC repair in Oroville, Gridley, Paradise, Live Oak, CA. Also, the surrounding areas are covered. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency AC repairs to all of our customers. When you need a professional HVAC company to come to our aid in your time of need, we will be there for you. Our team has made itself available during all hours of the day for emergency situations, and we will respond quickly when you need repairs administered as quickly as possible. Your safety is our priority, and we will go above and beyond to guarantee it.

Our Additional Services

Apart from the best AC repair services in Chico, we also offer a wide range of air conditioning services that ensure you stay refreshed and comfortable in your home. Some of them include:

  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Tune-up
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Smart Thermostats

Why People Choose Us?

With over 50+ years of experience in the industry, we provide excellent services in CA. Based in Oroville, we are a family-owned company and treat our customers with utmost care. 

Our experienced technicians are certified by recognized authorities and train frequently to stay in touch with the latest advances in HVAC systems. They fix your systems quickly to make sure you can enjoy clean and fresh air in your homes and offices. 

We are also always available to answer your questions regarding air conditioning repairs and other services. Connect with us at or give us a call at (530) 207-8695 for additional details and to book an appointment with us.

Call Us When You Have A Problem

When your air conditioner has a problem and you need AC repair in Oroville, Gridley, Chico, Paradise, Live Oak, CA, and the surrounding areas, call Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling for reliable service. We have built up a reputation for being consistent and effective. We are confident that we have what it takes to handle any problem you throw our way!

Feather River Aire also offers services of AC repair Yuba City and nearby regions.

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