Solar Panel Repair in Oroville, CA

The solar panels of our systems can get damaged from time to time. Hence it is essential to get solar panel services from time to time. At Feather River Aire, Inc, we provide you with the best heating and air services in Chico, CA.

Why is a solar panel an essential tool for heating?

To Reduce the Cost of Energy Bills:

You must have noticed that the cost of electricity bills is usually more than the systems that use solar panels. It is because solar panels create renewable energy more efficiently. Hence, solar panels lead to a decrease in the cost of electricity bills. If your solar panels are old and you want to replace them, call us for solar panel replacement in Oroville, CA.

Solar Panels are Versatile:

A solar panel has multiple uses in a household. It can be used for heating water in the kitchen and toilets and even warm the air in the rooms. That makes solar panels more versatile. Therefore, such a variety of functions make solar panels versatile.

Improves Grid Security

When you get a solar panel, it helps you to reduce your dependency on electricity. We are likely to experience fewer blackouts in our households. A solar panel can reduce the chances of getting electrocuted as it involves no electricity. Hence if you want your household to be safe, switching to solar panels might be wise.

Uses Free Source of Energy

When you get solar panels installed in your households, you need not worry about electricity wastage. A solar panel works on sun rays which are free of cost. 

Hence, there is no usage of electricity. So bid your goodbyes to electricity wastage and get appliances based on solar energy installed. If you want a new set of solar panels installed at your house, contact us for solar panel installation.

Beneficial for the Environment

The world’s non-renewable energies are rapidly depleting. Hence, using renewable energy like solar power is beneficial for our environment. We can save our fossil fuels for future generations if we utilize them correctly. 

What are the services for solar panels?

Repairs for the solar panels

It is natural for a solar panel to get damaged over time. However, the damages can put the daily activities at a standstill. Hence, call us for solar panel repair services in Oroville, CA.

Roof Leak Repair

Sometimes, poor weather can affect the solar panels and cause leakages. Our service providers can provide you with leakproof services that help you solve your inconveniences. 


Since a solar panel is always outside the house, it can collect some dust and dirt. Such dirty panels cannot draw the solar energy precisely. Hence, to make them work effectively, call our service provider for our services.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Repairing a solar panel will not solve all the problems. To maintain efficiency, it is essential to get it serviced regularly. 

Our professional technicians will ensure your solar panels are in good condition and monitor their performance. If your AC unit has no ducts, our ductless AC repair in Oroville can help you solve your problems.