Follow these CDC Guidelines to Keep Your HVAC System Safe 

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Follow these CDC Guidelines to Keep Your HVAC System Safe 

The HVAC system is an integral part of your daily life. Be it your home or your office, one can’t imagine life without heating and air conditioning. But unfortunately, we take our HVAC system for granted. As long as we get heating and air in Chico, CA, we generally don’t look under the hood to check if our HVAC system is truly safe.

This negligence can be costly as well as dangerous in the long run. Your HVAC safety is as important as anything else. In this post, we will discuss how to improve and maintain your HVAC safety.

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for HVAC Safety 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA, has outlined some of the critical components to maintain the safest HVAC system. These are:

  • Maintaining HVAC equipment
  • Design of the ventilation system
  • Monitoring the exhaust rate
  • Monitoring the air quality

HVAC Equipment Maintenance 

When there is a lack or absence of HVAC equipment maintenance, several issues can arise. Each of them has its own distinctive associated dangers. First of all, you need to check the electric supply and connection of the place where the HVAC system is installed. If the HVAC has different demand, it may cause blown fuses and also damage the compressor. Additionally, damages may also happen to the fan, electrical wirings, and other components.

You should also check for any toxic leaks such as—gas, refrigerant, or carbon monoxide, associated with your HVAC system. These leakages are a safety hazard. Scheduling professional furnace repair in Chico, from time-to-time, can prevent those leaks.

Design Of The Ventilation System 

The ventilation system keeps your home clean and fresh. It can be a factor of the rising level of pollutants that make you and your family members sick. A well-designed ventilation system will never cause a shortage or lack of fresh and clean indoor air.

Monitoring The Exhaust Rate 

It is essential to detect the presence of any harmful gases in your HVAC system’s exhaust. When you place your exhaust fans and vents strategically, along with placing the smoke detectors and sprinkler system, they can reduce the risk of a fire hazard.

Monitoring The Air Quality 

You need to monitor the indoor air quality, which serves as an early warning of a malfunctioning or leaking HVAC system. By keeping your indoor air clean and pure, you can prevent various health problems for yourself and your family. The most common pollutants and toxins found in the indoor air are dust, dirt, pollen, perfumes, carbon monoxide, etc.

The Importance Of Regular Inspection Of Your Heating And Air

The reason for scheduling professional HVAC inspection and maintenance is quite simple—peace of mind. With a well-maintained HVAC system, you can always be sure that your family is in a safe ambiance. Plus, when your HVAC system is in good health, it keeps your monthly utility bills in control. Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling offers commercial and residential maintenance services of heating and air in Chico, CA. To schedule an HVAC inspection and maintenance, call us at – (530) 207-8695.

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