Four Reasons Behind the Weird Noises Made By Your Furnace

Four Reasons Behind the Weird Noises Made By Your Furnace

When our homes’ furnace starts its heating cycle, we can hear a dull sound. This sound is typical, and there is nothing to worry about. But if you hear sounds throughout the cycle, and if that sound is anything different or louder than the sound you generally hear, it is time for your furnace repair in Yuba City, CA. Below is the list of some weird noises you might hear and what they mean.

Scraping Noises

If you hear some scraping noises from your furnace, it might be due to loose screws or parts. It might also occur if there is a problem with your blower wheel where one of your fan blades is broken or bent. Booking for heat pump repair at Yuba City, CA, in the beginning, saves you from high costs in the future.

Loud Banging Sound

If you notice loud banging or booming sounds when you start your furnace, it might result from gas buildup due to dirty burners that delay ignition. It might also be a sign that you need your ducts or vents to be repaired or cleaned.

High Pitched Squealing Noises

These are mostly an indicator of some worn-out or damaged parts like sour belts or issues with the blower’s motor, etc. These can easily be fixed with minor heating service Gridley, CA.

Low Rumbling Sound

If you hear any such sound, it is an indicator that it is high time you gave your furnace for its regular tune-up or maintenance services. You shall ensure that the furnace is thoroughly serviced at least once every year so that you do not have to suffer significant losses.

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