How can I know when it is time to replace your AC system or repair it?

How can I know when it is time to replace your AC system or repair it?

In extreme weather, you can’t blame your AC for breaking down for pushing past its limits. For these reasons, regular AC maintenance is a must for the optimal efficiency and longevity of your system. You can easily avoid costly services later by having regular inspections and maintenance.

Follow these Signs to Know if your AC Needs Repair or a Replacement

Warm Air Coming Out of Your AC

If your air conditioning is not blowing cool air, it is failing you. Sign up for an inspection and repair the faulty components to get comfortable and cool air in the scorching summers.

Unstable Thermostat

If your thermostat is faulty and not running efficiently, you might consider getting a repair job done. Contact heating and air in Chico, CA, and hire a specialist to determine why your system is turning on and off and repair it.

Strange Noises From The AC Unit

It is easy to recognize non-AC and problematic sounds coming from your AC. Since the AC is usually quiet, you can immediately know if there is some bustling, squealing, banging, screeching, or hissing inside your AC unit. These are early indications of loose wirings, malfunctioning internal components, damaged circuits, and other issues that need air conditioning repair in Chico, CA.

The Unusual Smell From The AC

Your AC could smell if it has mold growing inside its ducts and vents or if there is a wire short-circuiting inside it. Calling professionals for all these checkups and tune-ups is the strategy you should follow immediately. Protect your AC from catching an electrical fire, turn the AC off and wait for experts.

Frequent Repairs

Regular maintenance and services are necessary for your system to function efficiently, but if you see a rising repair frequency, a one-time replacement will save you from many repairs in the long run. Thus, ultimately saving your money on constant repairs.

The Rise in Energy Bills

It is expected to see a spike in your energy bill during summer. However, if you notice a significant increase, your system is telling you to be careful and schedule professional service. This inspection will tell you if the problems could be solved with small repairs or need bigger replacements.

Age of Your AC

As experts recommend, if your AC unit is more than ten years old, you should think of replacing it with a new one. This way, a newer and more efficient model can save about 40% of energy costs.

Coolant Leaks

Water from condensation dropping around your AC is normal but in a limited quantity. If you see excess water around the AC and furnace, it is your sign to call for help. Coolant leaks are a hazard to you and your family, which makes it essential for you to be observant and contact HVAC professionals before the problem gets any worse.

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