How Can You Tell If the Thermostat in Your Furnace Is Broken?

How Can You Tell If the Thermostat in Your Furnace Is Broken?

Sometimes, you may wonder why your HVAC is not working even after all the switches are ON. It might be due to the thermostat. The thermostat batteries could be dead, or the thermostat is not set to heating mode. Sometimes, if the fan is set ON instead of AUTO, and the fan constantly runs, this ultimately stops the furnace operation.

After learning about these issues, you may recalibrate the thermostat, change its batteries, and hire our HVAC contractor in Paradise, CA, for a thermostat repair. You probably need to replace the thermostat instead of repairing it if it is broken. A broken thermostat can be the culprit of multiple heating and cooling issues.

Signs Your Thermostat Is Broken

Contact Feather River Aire, a reputed HVAC contractor in Paradise, CA, for thermostat replacement if your HVAC thermostat is displaying the following signs:

  • Blank Screen: When the screen where the temperature reading should be visible is blank, you should try changing its batteries. If, after changing the battery, the screen is still dead, your thermostat is broken. Therefore, you should contact our heating and air in Chico, CA, to install a new thermostat.
  • Unable To Change the Temperature: When you cannot control the thermostat setting and make changes to the temperature, severe thermostat damage causes this problem. Maybe there is an issue with the thermostat panel or its control board.
  • The HVAC System Is Not Working: If your furnace is not blowing air, check the thermostat settings. When the settings are accurate, but if the HVAC system struggles to switch on, it can be due to faulty wiring. Schedule the heating and air repair in Chico, CA, to get your thermostat inspected and replaced.
  • Inadequate Heating Or Cooling: When your furnace is not responding according to the thermostat settings, or you need to enter and set the settings again on your programmable thermostat, it could be due to a thermostat issue or a furnace issue. If the air filter is clean and all the vents are unrestricted, there is an issue with the thermostat.
  • Fluctuating Indoor Temperature: When you notice sudden low or high temperatures without making any changes to the thermostat, a broken thermostat is responsible for this problem. Our HVAC contractor in Chico, CA, lets you know why your thermostat is functioning abnormally.
  • HVAC Short Cycles: The heating equipment runs a heating cycle from 10 to 15 minutes and stops blowing air for a few minutes. This way, it maintains 2 to 3 heating cycles in one hour.
    If your furnace runs for less than 10 to 15 minutes and starts suddenly out of nowhere, your HVAC system is short-cycling. A broken thermostat can cause short cycling, and our furnace repair technician in Chico can help you fix it.


Do not replace your thermostat yourself because the incorrect installation will again cause the same HVAC issues. Contact our professional experts to get your thermostat repaired or replaced. Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling is here to help you. We provide affordable rates for all air conditioning and furnace repair in Chico, CA. Call (530) 207-8695 to schedule a service!

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