How Do I Fix A Furnace That Is Blowing Cold Air?

How Do I Fix A Furnace That Is Blowing Cold Air?

Holiday time and festival season are nearing, and you will be busy receiving your friends and relatives home. The last thing you would like is to have your furnace dragging its feet and blowing cold air.

Knowing a knot and not needing it is preferable to needing a knot and not knowing it. So, let’s understand the common reasons for the furnace to blow cold air and how to fix it for heating and air in Chico, CA.

Clogged Filter 

Furnace filters can clog up with dirt or muck after multiple uses and lead your furnace to blow cold air. Routine cleaning is needed to ensure clean filters for proper functioning. 

Incorrect Setting Of The Thermostat

Make sure the thermostat setting is AUTO. There is a chance it is ON, and it can make the fan keep running continuously, blowing cold air when the furnace is not heating up.

Dusty Flame Sensor 

It’s your flame sensor that tells the furnace igniter has fired when the gas valve opens. When there is an accumulation of carbon, the sensor may not read the flame properly and let the furnace start. If the furnace is in a remote place, prone to dust, it will shut down if it cannot detect the flame. Remove all the dirt from the sensor using a brush or a dry cloth. 

Blocked Drain Pipe

The gas gets pumped in gradually, cools down, condenses to liquid, and drips out through a drain pipe. Sediments could block the acid from dripping-out, if not maintained regularly. It may result in the control switch flipping off, deactivating the heater, leading to cold air blowing. We can use a steel wire to push through the pipe to remove the clog or dry vacuum to blow out the blockage. 

Malfunctioning Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a critical electrical device in your furnace responsible for opening and closing the furnace’s gas valve. If the thermocouple is not working, then the furnace will not start. Ensure the positioning of the tip of the thermocouple is in line with the flame. Also, if the thermocouple is dusty, then clear it either with a brush or sandpaper. 

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