How Do You Fix A Furnace That Blows Cold Air?

How Do You Fix A Furnace That Blows Cold Air?

A furnace system keeps the indoor environment pleasant and comfortable during the colder seasons. If your furnace happens to be blowing cold air, this could indicate a major problem, which is why Feather River Aire heating and air company in Chico, CA, recommends getting in touch with one of their technicians at the beginning of the winter to inspect the system. Maintenance and tune-up services reduce the chances of any mishaps that might happen due to issues in the furnace system.

Reasons Why Your Furnace System Is Blowing Cool Air In The Winter Season

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Let’s learn more about the heating process’s issues and how to fix a malfunctioning system.

Furnace Switched Down Due To Overheating

Safety operations are installed in the HVAC system that turns down the system before the fault intensifies. A safety operation in the furnace system shuts down if the system is overheating. The overheating issue is due to dirt build-up in the components, mechanical issues, or old age of the furnace system.

Restricted Airflow Or Blocked Air Filter

Sometimes, the ignition system works perfectly fine, but due to restricted airflow, it fails to supply the warm air in the home. Dirt and debris in the air filter can block the cold air from your room from traveling inside the furnace system. If the furnace system does not get enough air, it will have insufficient air to heat and blow it back indoors.

Pilot Light Issue

It is a cause of concern in the old model of furnace systems, as new ones have an electric pilot light. The pilot light ignites the gas to start the heating process. However, if there is an issue with the pilot light or thermocouple sensor issue, the heating process may not start.

Gas Line Issues

The gas line provides the fuel to the combustion chamber to begin the healing process. However, if there is blockage or holes in the pipe, it can lead to gas leakage issues, and it is hazardous for your family.

Simple Tricks To Resolve The Issue

Feather River Aire offers HVAC services in Live Oak. Our technicians suggest simple ways to fix the furnace system if it blows cold air:

  • Check the furnace’s thermostat settings. Ensure that the thermostat is set on Heating mode and the fan is set on auto mode rather than on mode.
  • The next thing you should check is the vents. Ensure that all the vents are open and that nothing is restricting the path.
  • If the air filter is dirty, buy a brand-new air filter.


If the problem persists, contact Feather River Aire and get in touch with one of our skilled technicians, and explain your problem to one of our experts. We are happy to help!

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