How Do You Know When Solar Panels Need To Be Repaired?

How Do You Know When Solar Panels Need To Be Repaired?

There is an increasing trend in people opting for clean and green energy to power their homes and run businesses. As the government gives ample incentives and benefits to the residents who install solar panel systems, it is also better for our environment and carbon footprint.

If you have a solar panel solution in your home, then you should know the signs that indicate the need for solar panel repair Oroville, CA. Contact our technicians in Chico and Oroville, CA, and the surrounding areas, to fix the damage in your solar panel system.

There are several signs that indicate the need for repair. Let’s learn more about them with the help of our experts!

Signs Indicate the Solar Panel Needs Repairing

Solar panels consist of different photovoltaic cells. These cells help in generating electricity by converting the energy of photons into electrons that run all the electronic and electrical systems in our homes. Contact Feather River Aire for the best solar panel replacement technicians in Oroville, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Low And Irregular Power Outputs

Suppose you are getting a low and irregular power output even if there is ample sun. In that case, you need to contact our solar panel repair experts in Oroville, CA, for a quick inspection. Low energy outputs are normal if the day is cloudy or it’s monsoon season. However, otherwise, it indicates an issue in the solar panel system.

Cracks Or Damaged Glass Casings

Cracks in the glass casing can decrease the energy output by 2.5%. Solar panels can develop cracks due to improper handling and insulation, temperature variation, and extreme weather conditions.

Inverter Malfunctioning

The inverter converts the collected solar energy into electrical energy. Your system will lose its purpose of generating electricity from solar radiation if the inverter malfunctions. It is near the solar panels, and you should look for red or green lights to know whether the inverter needs repairing.

Age of the Solar Panels

Solar systems can work with 90% efficiency for more than 20 years if maintained properly. However, you need to replace the solar panels after 20 years to maintain the levels of energy output.

Wiring Issues

Working can also be hampered by loose solder joints, oxidation, and corrosion problems, and you can observe the fluctuation in power levels. There is a wiring problem if the cell powers instantly turn on and off when you press the panel.

Other Issues that Need Immediate Technician Attention

  • External debris like foliage and other materials can cause scratches on the panel, reducing efficiency.
  • There is rust on the panels if the panel’s conductor strips are yellow or dark brown. Call our solar panel replacement technician to replace the panels.
  • If your system suddenly shuts down out of nowhere, then call the technician for a quick inspection.

Call The Solar Panel Repair Technician In Oroville, CA, To Repair The Panels.

If you see any of the above signs in your household, report the issue to our solar panel installation technician in Oroville, CA, or surrounding areas. It is essential to repair the issues before they escalate to a situation where you need to replace the entire solar panel.

Save yourself a costly repair or replacement solar panel service and call a Feather River Aire technician to fix the issue. Call (530) 207-8695 and schedule an appointment with an expert today!

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