How Long Does a Furnace Installation Take?

From finding the correct equipment for your home to ensuring that equipment is appropriately installed, furnace installation is a difficult task, which is why you should always leave it up to a professional to do it.
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Do you know how much time an HVAC service company generally takes to install the equipment in your household?

Time Required to Install a Furnace System in Your Home.

According to our heating service in Gridley, CA, it takes around 4-10 hours to install the furnace system in your home. However, the time may vary according to each house and the size of the unit. Here are some factors that can improve the installation time:

• Improvements or repairing the ductwork.
• The complexity of the furnace system.
• Accessibility to the existing unit.
• Adjustments in the home structure for appropriate installation.
• Modification in the gas line and electrical circuits.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Replacing Your Furnace

Here are some tips that you should know before you step out of your home to buy the furnace unit:

• Research and sort out some affordable and within-your-budget options to ensure you buy the one with all the features you want in a furnace system.

• Pick out three HVAC service provider companies in your neighborhood and choose the one that gives the best and most nominal installation quote.

• Ensure the furnace system is energy efficient because you do not want to spend additional money on utility bills in the future.

• Ask the HVAC contractor to conduct a home estimate service to find the correct size and heating capacity of the heating unit you should buy.

• Ensure to buy a system that can be easily installed and maintained.

• It is best if the HVAC technician can tell you about the noise levels of the equipment. If you want a quiet working furnace, go for the equipment with 50-60 db.

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How to Find a Reliable and Professional HVAC Company in the Neighborhood?

Things to keep in mind when selecting the HVAC contractor:

• Visit the company’s website and look for the certification and accreditation.

• Ask the HVAC company whether their technicians are bonded or not.

• Please find out how many years they have been in the business. Experience matters a lot for appropriate and precise installation.

• Look at the company’s review on the internet and ask the HVAC technician if they can recommend one of their clients that can verify their excellence.

• Ensure that you double-check all the details on a call with the company’s technician


It is essential to keep the necessary points in mind to ensure there is no problem in the future due to inefficient planning or hurried decisions. Improper installation or equipment can increase problems in the household.

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