How To Check Your Air Conditioning System Before Summer

How To Check Your Air Conditioning System Before Summer

As a homeowner, you must prepare for the scorching summer especially keeping the rising temperatures in mind. This time of the year is when you will have to test the efficiency of your AC unit to ensure the rest of your entire family throughout the warm season. 

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How To Test Your Air Conditioner's Efficiency:

Follow the steps detailed below to check the efficiency of your AC unit. 

  •  Switch On Your Air Conditioning Unit: The first step in testing the cooling effect of your air conditioning unit is to keep your air conditioning unit turned on for at least 15 minutes. Keep it running to understand whether your system is cooling the room efficiently or not. The best temperature to test this is during the hot summer day. You can also test this during the nighttime, but when tested during the day will give you an accurate idea of the efficiency. You can also fix the thermostat a few degrees below the room temperature for the system to start its cooling effect. 
  • Locate The Air Ducts: Check whether there is cool air flowing out of the air ducts. If you feel cool air blowing out of the vents then this means your AC system is working perfectly. On the other hand, if you feel there is restricted cool air or that the air is not cool enough there may be a problem with the air filters. Clogged or dirty air filters result in restricted airflow. Another indication of inadequate air supply is if the air ducts for the AC unit are damaged. 
  • Clean The Outdoor Unit Of The AC System: Ensure frequent cleaning of the outdoor unit AC to make sure no dirt or dust is entering the system. Remove any fallen leaves, stems, dirt present around the unit. The dirt and debris present at the outdoor unit can destroy the indoor unit supply. 
  • Take Temperature Readings: Look for the air vent and the return passage of the AC system. Place a thermometer near the vent and leave the thermometer at the same place for a few minutes. Keep it near the return passage and record the temperature readings for the same. After this, place the thermometer near the air duct passage for about 10-15 minutes. Record the temperature again.
    If the difference between both the temperatures is greater than 15-20 degrees then your system is running perfectly. Otherwise, your unit is running low on refrigerants. 
    It is advised to check up on your AC unit before the summer season starts to avoid any major repairs or breakdowns. 

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