Is Your Air Conditioner Frozen? This is why:

If you’ve detected your air conditioning device freezing in the past few weeks, your cooling device might be in trouble. While your air conditioning unit is accountable for delivering cool air to your house. The unit freezing up is not a good indication.

In most circumstances, a frozen air conditioning device will no longer offer appropriate airflow. Also, when this happens, you may detect either too hot or too cold air blasting out of your air conditioner. Keep reading the article below to learn more about what causes an air conditioner to freeze.

Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze?

Here are some reasons your air conditioning device freezes:

  • Not Adequate Airflow

The airflow is the primary part of the air conditioning unit. If the air streams too much, your air conditioner will give out hot air because it does not have adequate time or refrigerant to cool the atmosphere.

On the contrary, if the airflow is low, the air will take less time to cool down, which will induce a condensation impact, and you will notice ice on the surface. Inadequate airflow can be due to broken motors, blocked air filters, or even inappropriate placing of the compressor.

  • High Moisture Content 

Your air conditioning unit reduces the air temperature as it blasts from the compressor into your home. Nevertheless, if this air is moist and contains a high dampness level, reducing the temperature will force the water to condense and create ice. It will accumulate on your evaporator coils, and you will notice no more airflow is blasting from your air conditioner.

  • Blocked Coils

If dust and dirt particles have penetrated your device’s refrigerant coil, they may get clogged. These coils are usually enveloped by humid air, and when they’re obstructed, the air encompassing the coil has adequate time to freeze and create ice. It will further unite with moisture and end in ice build-up.

Can You Fix a Freezing Air Conditioner on Your Own?

Unfortunately, this freezing air conditioner problem cannot be resolved without professional assistance. While video tutorials are accessible for these, HVAC experts recommend not employing them because they can cause lasting harm to your air conditioning device. Instead, professionals suggest calling one of the many leading Chico air conditioning repair companies to come and repair your unit.

Problem solving and self-diagnosis can cause ongoing issues in your device, which must get replaced. In addition, you’ll also be infringing on your warranty. A professional heating and cooling technician knows how to diagnose and fix the issues of most heating and cooling devices.


With the assistance of professional technicians, you can resolve the problem in no time and save money in the extended run. Most heating and cooling service providers also offer warranties for their assistance which you can avail of if you detect any issue.

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