Solar Panel Malfunctions and Their Solutions

Solar Panel Malfunctions and Their Solutions

Solar panel installation experts in Oroville, CA, know that solar panels are valuable in times of energy crisis and help protect the environment by reducing the need for fossil fuels to generate electricity. Although they are a great investment, solar panels require regular maintenance and attention. Some issues can be fixed by homeowners, but many require the help of a professional service.

Causes of Solar Panel Malfunctions

For minor glitches, a solar panel repair in Oroville, CA, would suffice rather than replacing the whole system. Here are some examples of what can reduce the performance of solar panels:

  • Power Leakage: Dramatic voltage fluctuations, high temperature, and humidity voltage across the cells extend to the frames of the solar panels leading to leakage of electric current out of the cells.
    It is essentially a waste of power produced and affects the efficiency of heating and air systems in Chico, CA. If left unaddressed for longer than ten years, the power output may fall up to 50 percent.
    The issue is complicated because the leakage progresses over time, and the initial stage is difficult to notice. Voltage-dependent leakages need a specialized IV curve tester and electrical expertise. The installation of an anti-PID box between strings and inverters cuts the leakage. This requires professional service rather than trying to fix yourself.
  • Hotspot Heating: Cells in a solar panel produce less current when shades or internal damage obscure sunlight from reaching the cells. The shaded cell receives an enormous current from several unshaded cells in the series of reverse biases and concentrates on the shaded cell.
    The event generates a lot of heat and leads to glass cracking, melting solder joints, and degradation of the cells. Thus, hotspots reduce power output.
  • Physical Damage: Thin silicon wafers offer high performance and efficiency but are brittle and prone to damage in response to mild impacts. Microcracks in solar cells are not visible unless they spread across the whole cell. However, a microcrack does not affect it until it progresses to block electric current through the cell.
    Common causes of front glass damage include heavy rainfall, hailstorm, improper handling, and leaning over panels. While the front glass protects the upper surface, white or black back sheets protect the rear side of cells from water, scuffs, and humidity. Heating and air in Chico, CA, advise not to use substandard material or poor quality control, as they degrade the back sheet.
    Microcracks on older panels collectively appear as snail trails and reduce the output faster. Solar panel installation in Oroville, CA, advise you not to buy a new solar panel but instead opt for a repair to revive the performance.
  • Poor Maintenance: Though solar cells lay protected between the front glass and back sheet, dirt and water may seep inside. Dust accumulated in the corners and edges of panels makes their way inside. Thick sluffs over the surface may shadow cells leading to hotspots. Regular maintenance to get rid of dust helps preserve performance; otherwise, you will require solar panel repair in Oroville, CA, sooner than expected.

Wrapping Up

The success of a solar system depends on several factors, including choice of materials, technology, periodic assessment, and maintenance of solar panels. Contact Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling for further details on our services. Call us at (530) 207-8695 or email us to schedule a service or if you have any questions.

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