Some Simple Do-It-Yourself HVAC System Maintenance Tips

Some Simple Do-It-Yourself HVAC System Maintenance Tips

Heating and air conditioning work year-round. An air conditioner can break down if it is constantly used. To keep this from happening, you should perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system and catch any problems before they happen.

Some things should be left to HVAC services in Live Oak, but there are many tips you can follow with your HVAC system in good shape. Regular heating & cooling maintenance is one of the best ways to make it last as long as possible.

Simple DIY Maintenance Guidelines to Avoid Costly HVAC Failures

Replacing Batteries

Batteries are easy to change. Change the batteries in any devices that might need them. Depending on the model, a unit that runs on batteries can be removed from the wall. Batteries might need to be changed every year or every two years.

Cleaning the Condenser Unit

Summertime heat spreads by a fan attached to an air conditioner’s outdoor unit/heat pump. A lot of dirt, pollen, and filth accumulate on the condensing unit’s metal fins. Once a year, use a water hose to clean the outdoor device.

Unclog Drain

When the air conditioner is on, and you see water puddles around the furnace, the condensate drain tube is clogged. Bacteria can block the condensate pan drain tube if they get into the condensation that forms on the coils of an air conditioner.

Inspect The Thermostat

Checking and taking care of your thermostat is a simple way to keep it in good shape. The thermostat is necessary for the system’s work in many HVAC systems. Examine to see how long the batteries in your thermostat will last.

Change Filters

Regular replacement of air filters is important. Maximum airflow and filtration are linked to better indoor air quality, more stable temperature control, and lower operating costs. When the air conditioner functions in the summer, change the filter once a month.

Repair Leakage

The condensate drain pan collects gallons of condensation when the air conditioner runs. During the cooling season, check the drain pan monthly with a flashlight. If you detect standing water, a clog may cause an overflow. Call for heating and cooling in Chico, CA.

Perform a Yearly Tune-Up

You should have a qualified professional service technician do annual preventive maintenance on the air conditioner and the furnace. It helps you get the most out of your cooling and heating systems and ensure they are reliable. A yearly visit by a qualified HVAC technician is required as part of the warranty requirements for the majority of brands.

In a simple maintenance plan, a trained technician will come to your home twice a year to check on the fitness of your heating and cooling system. You should have your home checked out in the spring and fall to ensure it’s ready for the sizzling and coldest days of the year.

Hire the best AC service company

Schedule your annual HVAC maintenance with Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling. Give us a call at (530) 207-8695 to benefit from our emergency services for air conditioning repair in Chico, CA.

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