Three Ways To Calculate Solar System Size For Your Home

Three Ways To Calculate Solar System Size For Your Home

Everyone is finding ways to switch over renewable energy resources to generate electricity. Out of all renewable energy resources, solar energy is the most effective and reliable option to use as an energy resource.

Even though solar system installation is expensive, in the long run, everything balances because your utility bills will decrease significantly. So, if you are considering installing a solar system, read this blog about solar panel installations in Oroville, CA, before purchasing the system.

What Is The Solar System Size?

Solar system size refers to the capacity of the system to produce electrical energy. If the size of the solar system is 300 watts under standard conditions, it can generate an output of 300 watts of electricity.

Standard conditions are specific conditions in which the solar system generates appropriate output. According to the experts of HVAC heating and air in Chico, CA, the four factors that influence the size are:

  • Region’s weather 
  • Your residence’s roof size and orientation
  • Additional battery storage 
  • Daily consumption purpose 

Three Ways To Calculate The Solar System Size For Your House

The three ways by which you can easily calculate the solar system size are: 

  • PV Watts tool
  • Online solar system size calculator 
  • Quote from a solar panel installation company 

PV Watts Tool

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory scientist developed the online PV Watts tool to calculate the solar system size for residents’ convenience. The PV Watts tool determines the solar system size by the location and the building features and calculates the output you need to generate electricity.

It requires information that is tough for a resident to know about their house structure’s roof orientation and tilt.

Online Solar System Size Calculator

If the PV Watts tools seem tough to operate, you can get different solar system size calculators on the internet. Some calculators can compute the size based on your average electricity bill.

Moreover, you get more advanced features like the cost price and recommendations of different solar panels that are perfect as per requirements.

Quote From A Solar Panel Installation Company

The solar panel repair in Oroville, CA, is one of the best ways to find out the exact size of the solar system. The technician will perform an inspection service and calculations to find an accurate size and installation expenses. 

The solar system technician will provide a real-time idea about the installation process and the permission required to install it in your household. 

Determining The Solar System Size Is An Essential Step

Size is essential to figuring out how much you have to spend on the solar system. Every future and present expense is dependent on the size of the solar system you select. 

The solar system size helps predict the following expenses: 

  • Total installation costs 
  • Amount of roof space for installation
  • Amount of electricity bill you do not have to pay 
  • Total savings over the solar panel’s life

If you are facing any trouble regarding solar system installation, Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling is here to answer any of your questions. Contact our solar experts to resolve your query. 

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