What Are the Different Types of HVAC Systems?

What Are the Different Types of HVAC Systems?

There comes a time when you are required to replace your HVAC system. The first thing to do is to get in touch with an HVAC contractor in Paradise, CA. It is important to know what type of system you are looking for, but before that, be aware of the different types that are available in the market. Though many individuals think this knowledge is complicated and too technical, that is not always so.

By understanding the various types of HVAC systems available, you can then decide which is the type you need and which one will be a perfect suit for your home: 

Types Of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Though there are a wide variety of HVAC systems available in the market, these four ac and heating systems are the ones that are easily available from an HVAC contractor in Paradise, CA, and frequently used –

  • AC And Heating Split System: A split system is generally found with both an outdoor and indoor component. The outdoor part houses the compressor and the condenser, while the indoor part contains the evaporator blower and the coils. This is a popular type of system with the indoor part connected to a heat pump or even a furnace. To have these systems fixed, all one has to do is schedule a repair with a company known for its heating and air in Chico, CA services.
  • The Hybrid Heat Pump System: In this type of system, a heat pump powered by electricity is used in addition to a furnace that burns fuel oil, propane, or even natural gas. Though it is named heat pump, these systems are also able to cool down your home. This is mainly because heat pumps are a type of ac system that works reversely, heating your home. It is perfect to use during winter, during an extremely cold night, and for summer, during an extremely hot day.
  • A Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump: There are times when a regular ducted system is not compatible with a person’s home. In such cases, it is a good idea to invest in a duct-free HVAC system like the ductless mini-split heat pump. These types of systems also go hand-in-hand with a home that already uses a ducted system. These units are installed directly into the areas of a person’s home that require heating and cooling. Contact an HVAC contractor in Paradise, CA, to discuss having your home fitted with one of these.
  • Packaged Air Conditioning and Heating System: These HVAC systems house the evaporator, the compressor, and the condenser all into one unit, which is then installed near the house’s foundation or on the roof. This is perfect for offices and homes that do not have enough space that splits systems require. Packaged HVAC systems are also used in commercial buildings that are small in size and often include a furnace for heating as well as the electric coils.

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