What are the Ductless Mini-Split Systems, and Why Should You Use Them?

What are the Ductless Mini-Split Systems, and Why Should You Use Them?

During the hot summer months, the air conditioning in your home keeps things nice and cool. But not all systems of air conditioning are the same. One of the most popular types of AC systems is the ductless mini-split system in Oroville, CA.

People like ductless mini-split air conditioning systems because you can change them to fit their needs. If you can’t stand the heat, turn the air conditioning to full blast. Or, someone else can change the temperature in another room to make it more comfortable.

Understanding a Ductless Mini-Split System

A mini-split is a heating and cooling system that doesn’t need ductwork. These systems, called ductless mini-splits, cool the air as compressor-driven central air conditioners do. But many mini-splits also have heat pumps, which allow them to warm the air when it’s cold outside.

Single-zone and multi-zone These are the two types of mini-split systems available. A single-zone system has one indoor and one outdoor unit that works together to heat or cool an area or your whole house. This kind is often used in bedrooms and other rooms that don’t have ducts for central air conditioning.

A mini-split with more than one zone works the same way as a single-zone system, but it can heat or cool more areas of a business or home. The refrigerant lines connect the inside units that cool more than one zone to a single outside unit.

How Can You Benefit From A Ductless System?

The following are the benefits of a ductless heating and cooling system and how they can make your home more relaxing and use less energy.

Prevents Allergies

Allergens are attracted to ductwork. It negatively impacts central AC air quality. Mini-split systems without ducts are unaffected. A network of filters keeps the airlines from the outdoor condenser clean and allergen-free.

Functions Silently

Window air conditioners are noisy and unappealing. Mini-splits with no ductwork solve this problem. They don’t create a sound when they’re attached to a wall. The condenser is outdoors, so there’s no noise inside.

Ease in Installation

Mini-split AC in Oroville, CA, are easier to install than other systems. Mini-split manufacturers can offer various conduit lengths to connect indoor and outdoor units. This installation option allows you to chill a front room while placing the outdoor unit on the side or behind the building.

Minimal Maintenance

Ducting systems are typically cleaned and maintained by a trained professional regularly. You can do the maintenance on ductless mini-splits to save money and time.

Humidity Control

Another benefit is humidity control. Moisture within and outside the dwelling, combined with high temperatures, causes humidity. Adjust your mini-split AC to chill humid areas more completely. By lowering the temperature, you can reduce the moisture in your home.

Contact the Experts

We at Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling know everything there is to know about air conditioners, including mini-split ductless air conditioners. We can help you with any air conditioning system, whether a mini-split system or something else. Contact us today at (530) 207-8695 to find out about mini-split installation in Oroville, CA.

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