What Are The Most Common Issues Found In Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning plays a crucial role in your home, providing comfort and relief from the heat. Unfortunately, the system can malfunction with consistent usage, leaving you in discomfort. In such cases, seeking AC repair in Gridley, CA, is essential.

Common Issues You May Encounter With Your AC System

Although obtaining professional HVAC services in Live Oak, CA is advisable, it is also helpful to be aware of common AC issues and their causes. This knowledge will allow you to maintain your AC system properly and be prepared for unexpected issues. Below are some of the most common AC problems:

• AC Is Not Working

This is the most common problem every AC owner faces during the summer. It may occur for several reasons, such as a broken circuit breaker, defective electrical board, or thermostat.

If you encounter this issue, it is essential to promptly contact a dependable AC service provider in Gridley, CA, like Feather River Aire.

• AC Is Not Cooling Properly

What if your AC is running, but you are not getting enough cool air? AC professionals say it can be due to several reasons, some of which include the following:

  1. The AC system is in heat or fan mode.
  2. The AC filters become clogged with dirt and dust and can no longer work efficiently.
  3. The refrigerant level has gone down.
  4. The cooling effectiveness of the system depends heavily on correct AC installation in Paradise, CA. Without proper installation, the air conditioner cannot function efficiently.

• Water Damage

Many homeowners frequently report this problem. Every AC system comes with an adequate drainage system. So, if the AC suddenly leaks water, check for broken condensate pumps, dirt buildup in drainage pipes, damaged drain pipes, etc.

HVAC experts also believe adequate AC tune-up in Gridley, CA, is necessary to prevent water leakage.

• Increased Utility Bills

You shouldn’t have to worry about higher than usual utility bills when you have an efficient AC system. However, if your AC system is under stress or has broken parts, it will consume more energy, and your energy bill can increase. Additionally, if you keep the doors and windows open for a long time while the AC is on or if your house has multiple cracks for which the cool air escapes, this can cause your system to have to overwork to keep the desired temperature.

• Consistent Noise From The System

Homeowners often complain about unusual noises from the system, like banging, rattling, whooshing, screeching, etc. You must attend to this problem early on to prevent further damage to your system.

Bottom Line:

When your AC is not working correctly, you should schedule professional HVAC repair services in Live Oak to fix the issue. Ensure you choose a reliable service contractor like Feather River Aire, Inc.

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