What Can Cause Damage to Solar Panels?

Have you switched to solar energy to protect your bills and reduce your carbon footprint? Solar energy seems to be a feasible energy option, keeping in mind the sudden rise in inflation in the economy. Limited non-renewable resources are one of the main reasons for increased inflation.

If you have a solar panel in your house or commercial building, it is essential to protect them from getting harmed or damaged. According to our solar panel repair in Oroville, CA, it can be challenging to repair damaged panels.

Reasons That May Hamper The Solar Panel.

Solar panels trap incoming solar radiation, and the solar system converts the solar energy into electrical energy to power your house. However, the conversion output may decrease if the panels are damaged. It may even stop working if you do not call the technician to fix the issue. Here are some things that damage the solar panels and affect their overall functioning:

External Debris

External debris matter can cause potential solar damage, reducing efficiency. Even small twigs, tiny branches, leaves, and other greenery that come flowing in the air can cause micro-scratches on the system.

Experts recommend installing solar panels farther away from the trees. You may trim and maintain the trees if you have massive trees in your backyard or surroundings to protect the solar panels. Remember, the heavier the matter, the more damage it can cause to the panels.

Hail and Snow

It is essential to take special care and measures when the potential damage of snow and rain causes damage to solar panels.

Little can be done if the solar panels get damaged due to hail or snow. However, the damage will affect the performance, so it is better to check the panels for issues as soon as the sun comes up! Moreover, you can install small, multiple solar panels instead of one massive panel to maintain the output levels.

Water Damage

Water leakage from old and deteriorated seals can affect solar panel functions. The seal’s efficiency decreases gradually with time, and it can cause short-circuiting issues if the water leaks from the gaps in the seal. The only way to effectively reduce the water damage is by calling a professional for solar panel Installation in Oroville, CA, to reseal each solar panel. Schedule an appointment with Feather River Aire.


Solar panels can get easily damaged due to external objects on the rooftop. Our solar panel installation experts from Feather River Aire in Oroville, CA, recommend that you should check the solar panel structure and system weekly.

It is easy to repair solar panels if there is a minor issue. Otherwise, it would help if you replaced the solar panels to maintain their efficiency. Call (530) 207-8695 and schedule an appointment with Feather River Aire and get in touch with our repair experts if you find any irregularities or issues with your solar panels.