What Is Included in HVAC Repair?

What Is Included in HVAC Repair?

Our HVAC contractor in Paradise, CA, provides various HVAC services, like maintenance, repair, and replacement. When you are in need of HVAC repair services for your heating and cooling equipment, our technicians are ready to help when it malfunctions.

Are you curious to learn what is included in the HVAC repair and how it is done? Let’s find out how HVAC repair and other services help maintain or bring back the lost HVAC system’s efficiency.

Things Included in HVAC Repair

Here are the details of what a heating and air in Chico, CA, does during HVAC repair service:

  • Inspect the System and Find the Issue: The technician starts the repair service by inspecting your heating and cooling system. They will discuss the problem and then try to find the cause.
  • Troubleshooting: In the next step, the technician tries to find an appropriate solution to fix the problem. The duration of this step also depends on the complications of the problem.
  • Testing the Outcome: After repairing the damage or replacing the broken component, the technician will test your HVAC system to ensure that the problem has been solved.

How To Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs?

One of the best ways is to schedule annual HVAC servicing and maintenance services for the HVAC systems. Annual maintenance and servicing will help detect the issues in the beginning stage, and our technician will fix them before they worsen.

Keep in mind that servicing your HVAC system and maintaining an HVAC system are completely different.

HVAC Service And Maintenance Are Not the Same

Things Included in HVAC Maintenance

The main motive for scheduling heating and air maintenance service in Chico, CA, is to reduce HVAC issues and ensure it runs efficiently. The maintenance service usually takes a few hours, and this service includes: 

  • Overall Evaluation: Our technician will evaluate the indoor and outdoor units and will inspect the drainage system, electrical connections, and insulation.
  • Cleaning: After inspecting the HVAC components, our technician will thoroughly clean the HVAC unit. Excessive dirt is mostly responsible for frequent and expensive furnace repairs in Chico. Therefore, cleaning is essential for HVAC life, performance, and efficiency.
  • Lubrication: After cleaning the HVAC equipment, our technician will lubricate the motor, bearings, and other mechanical components.
  • Look For Issues and Fix Them: The technician tests the HVAC system’s functioning and looks for issues that might become a problem in the long run. Our technician will quickly fix the issues if they are detected.


Although HVAC service and maintenance are different, both are equally essential for the HVAC unit. Feather River Aire Heating & Cooling can provide you with both repair and maintenance. We are one of the most reliable HVAC contractors in Paradise, CA. Our customers are always our priority, and their satisfaction is our guarantee. Call (530) 207-8695 to schedule a service today.

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