Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air? How to Fix It

Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air? How to Fix It

A furnace system helps to increase the warmth in your residence with the help of the combustion process. Due to improper servicing or maintenance, your furnace system may act out of sorts and blow cold air instead of warm. If you are facing this issue, let’s learn from the experts what is causing the issue and when you should call us for furnace repair in Chico.

Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace System Blows Cold Air.

Here are some possible reasons why your furnace system is blowing cold air:

  • Defective Thermostat: A thermostat is essential as it helps you control the heating system. The furnace system may not function properly if there is a connection issue or if it does not get appropriate instructions.
  • The Malfunctioning Circuit Control Board: Dirt on the circuit control board can impact the heating process. You might need to replace the board if there are black spots on the circuit board.
  • No Pilot Light: Pilot light plays a fundamental part in the ignition as it provides the flame to start the combustion process. The heating process may not start if the pilot light is off.
  • Issues In The Gas Supply: The furnace may blow cold air if there is an inadequate supply of gas or fuel in the furnace system. Ensure there are no holes or cracks in the gas pipe.
  • Overheating Issues: The furnace system may start to overheat due to excessive functioning. As a safety precaution, the furnace shuts down temporarily to avoid further damage.
  • Faulty Main Limit Switch: The main limit switch is a safety switch that shuts down the furnace system if the system overheats. However, if the main limit switch works improperly, it will shut down the system abruptly.
    The worst possible case can be due to a faulty heat exchanger. If there are cracks in the heat exchanger, you might need to replace the furnace unit because repairing the heat exchanger is expensive.

When to Call the Technician?

According to our heating service in Gridley, CA, here is some troubleshooting advice that will help to avoid expensive furnace repair services:

  • Check the thermostat settings and ensure the fan is in auto mode. Clean the thermostat and ensure it is properly connected to the furnace system.
  • Replace the air filter and clean the coils with the help of a mild coil cleaning agent.
  • Ensure nothing is blocking the air vents. Quickly take a look at the duct to find irregularities.
  • Call us for HVAC services Live Oak if the above steps do not help to improve the situation.


You will not have to pay an expensive bill for calling the emergency service if you are already enrolled in HVAC maintenance plans. Feather River Aire specializes in maintenance plans. We are among the best companies for heating and air in Chico, CA. Call (530) 207-8695 and schedule a repair service without worrying.

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